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Jordyn’s Snow Session

These sessions just seem to speak for themselves.  You’re beautiful Jordyn!

Hailey and Julia

We may not have the ocean, but this year we have had an abundance of snow!  Winter sessions have become one of my favorites.  There’s just something about the bright snow and the soft light and tones.  These two friends took advantage of the magical snowfall last Monday.


Who else is praying for a LOT more snow??  Winter sessions are so magical…



Bff Give Away Shoot!

Can I first say that my high school Bff’s had the original group Bff shoot at Sears our junior year!  We have come a long way (and a long time judging by the big hair!!)

Peyton and her beautiful friends were full of laughter in the freezing cold.  I hope one day they will still get together , as I do with my friends,  and laugh together about old times and maybe pull out these pictures!




I love watching my client’s families change and grow.  Three years ago, I took Senior photos of brother Mitch and Family Pictures.  I hardly recognized Kyle!  Our kids change right before our eyes but we scarcely notice.  I didn’t post the photo here, but in his gallery there is a picture of the Courthouse with the clock showing 5:00 pm.  That moment captured will never happen again.  Live each day to the fullest!

Kyle is a Canterbury Senior.  He is on the Tennis Team and is involved with the Model UN, the Environmental Club and has taken Art all four years of High School.  Kyle is thinking about studying Political Science next fall, and has yet to determine where.  Blessings Kyle!