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Dancers in Fog Photography- Behind the Scenes



What I love about photography is the challenge of learning the technical workings of your camera, lighting and editing and combining that with a vision and making it happen.  Originally, I wanted to use flour to capture the movement of the dancers.  I came across beautiful examples of this technique on You Tube and Pinterest.  However, the timing didn’t work to do this outside and I didn’t want to deal with the enormous mess so I bought a $40 fog machine.

These were shot with a black stage curtain back drop, black paper on the floor and a single speed light.  I used a Nikon D 800 with a 24-70 lens.  Primarily I used auto focus, but on certain shots where the timing was essential to capture the peak of action, I found the manual focusing was necessary.  Since this was the first time using the fog machine there were a few issues.  It would run for a few minutes then need to cool off.  In order to stay on schedule, some shots were shot without fog, or little fog.  I was very happy that I thought to take an image of just the backdrop with fog and no dancer.  I was later able to take that into post and paint in more fog as desired.  It was so much fun!  I can’t wait to plan the next photo shoot with them!