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DIY Enchanted Fairy Chair Photography Prop

I’m so in love with the woodsy enchanted garden look and I have a one year old baby session coming up.  A dance mom and crafter at heart, I decided to visit Finders Keepers, a local consignment shop.I found this chair. for $15.  It was dirty and needed some repair, but had a charm about it and it was on the smaller size which is perfect
Safety first.  It needs some loving care. I used wood glue and a clamp to secure the side arm for 24 hours.  Every other screw was tightened and the wood cleaned with Murphy’s Oil Soap.  I also used a sanding block to soften any rough edges.Next, the seat cover needs to be removed with a flat head screw driver.  It turned out that it had been recovered twice so I repeated the process of using the flat head screw driver to loosen the staples and the pliers to pull them out.
Re-purposing a retired sweater was the way to go to recover the seat, and kitty agrees.  You can always find a remnant fabric from your local craft store.  BTW,  I always have a lot of extra assistants!Using the chair as a pattern, I positioned the sweater and cut it out.  Leaving about a 2 inch border to fold over the back.  The sweater was too white for the theme.  Keeping it natural, I decided to seep it in tea.  Boil water and a couple tea bags over the stove, turn it off and seep until you reach the desired color.  I didn’t rinse, merely squeezed the excess water and dried laying it flat.Next, position your fabric how you wish on the seat.  I found it useful to mark the screw holes.  Then I used an electric heavy duty stapler to secure it to the seat.  You can use an ordinary heavy duty stapler.  I believe I used 3/8 in staples.  To make sure the fabric doesn’t fray, I trimmed the edges with Pinking Shears.  For all of my essential oil loving friends, I did spray the seat cushion with DoTerra On Guard, just in case.Then, with a little difficulty,  I reattached the seat with Gigi’s help.  Not much of an assistant, she’s easily distracted.  “Squirrel”!
Fun and many hours at Hobby Lobby!    Who can just run in and out?  I found flowers and moss for my chair during a half price sale and of course used my 40% off coupon!  Use a wire cutter and roughly arrange your flowers.  Take care not to leave sharp wires sticking out.Use a glue gun to attach your flowers.  I also stuck some moss for added texture.  I burned my finger a few times and still have a blister OUCH!!  The results were worth it!  I can’t wait for my one year old session!  I hope to use this chair over and over!  In Photoshop, I can change the color of the flowers if desired.  Good luck!
Now all we need is a precious baby girl, or maybe a senior girl, or a dancer…..

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