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Homestead Senior Jace

Jace, his mom Juli, Victoria and I enjoyed a session in quaint downtown Roanoke.  I’ve known Juli for several years as we spent Tuesday afternoons together volunteering at A Hope Center.  Then recently, Jace started to show up at our house 😉 .  He is an amazing percussionist and is currently the center snare for the Homestead Spartan Alliance Marching Band.  He can also do a flip or two!

He plans to go to Bethel College to study engineering.  I’m sure he will be successful in whatever he pursues.  Blessings Jace!Homestead High School Fort Wayne

(thanks Jake Joslin-Flores for the video. Click on the word “post” below to see a Facebook video of Jace in action! Be sure to watch until the end to see the full twisting layout!)