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Magic Hour Session with the Emmert Family

This sweet family is facing a challenging trial.  Little Greyson, who turns two this month was recently diagnosed with Wilms Tumor.  His left kidney was removed along with the tumor and is currently on round 7 of 19 of a chemo regimen.  We were all set to have their session outside, but just like that the weather turned cold and nasty.  Mom, Kate and I didn’t want to put his or anyone else’s health at risk so we were scrambling to find a unique indoor location.  Kelly from Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation graciously opened the Heritage Barn to us at Salomon Farms Park.  The Old Barn, unfortunately is having the floors re-finished, but this worked out perfectly!  We were shielded from the wind and rain and had a cool old trunk to sit on and a bright red vintage tractor for Greyson and big brother Lincoln and Dad Jonathon to drive.  Kelly went above and beyond by getting one of the chickens from the coop to help bring some giggles when the little guy really was not into having his picture taken. 🙂

Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers!  God Bless!