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    Thank you for stopping by. I’m the owner of Kera Cervoni Photography and I want to create memories for you. I’m married with three children and live in the Fort Wayne area. I studied Nursing at Michigan State University. I picked up camera one day and never put it down. “ Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” – Matt Hardy


What a fun session with Tyler, his mom Wendy and friend  Renee who came along just because she wanted to hold the reflector!  We started out with the hockey gear, well because when you are a State Champion, that goes without saying.  At the end of our session we had some fun with a few silly poses to out do some that his friend (Renee’s son Corey) did during his session.  I love that the sessions with Seniors are so unique, each kid brings their own personality.  I <3 my job!   Enjoy the rest of your Senior Year Tyler!

Senior Photography TylerDSC_9426

Spring Mini Mini’s Session

What can make you smile more than a precious little child?  Three of them!!AvaPiperWillow

Dancers in Fog Photography- Behind the Scenes



What I love about photography is the challenge of learning the technical workings of your camera, lighting and editing and combining that with a vision and making it happen.  Originally, I wanted to use flour to capture the movement of the dancers.  I came across beautiful examples of this technique on You Tube and Pinterest.  However, the timing didn’t work to do this outside and I didn’t want to deal with the enormous mess so I bought a $40 fog machine.

These were shot with a black stage curtain back drop, black paper on the floor and a single speed light.  I used a Nikon D 800 with a 24-70 lens.  Primarily I used auto focus, but on certain shots where the timing was essential to capture the peak of action, I found the manual focusing was necessary.  Since this was the first time using the fog machine there were a few issues.  It would run for a few minutes then need to cool off.  In order to stay on schedule, some shots were shot without fog, or little fog.  I was very happy that I thought to take an image of just the backdrop with fog and no dancer.  I was later able to take that into post and paint in more fog as desired.  It was so much fun!  I can’t wait to plan the next photo shoot with them!


What a unique opportunity to photograph this lovely girl and her family downtown at Club Soda.  I love the interior brick, the floor to ceiling windows and the stairs.  Perfect setting!  Best wishes Chelsea!

A Woman’s Journey to Health and Fitness

My journey to better health started about a year ago after losing my fourth, and final, maternal aunt to breast cancer. I was never obese and was an athlete all my life. However, after graduating from school and settling into the real world (a desk job!), the pounds slowly crept on, especially in the years I worked full time while getting my MBA and getting married, too much stress and not enough time to workout and prepare healthy meals, or so I thought.
I knew hiring a trainer would help lose pounds but I wanted to learn more about the nutrition aspect of a healthy life and my search led to a Canadian company called Precision Nutrition (PN), run by Dr. John Berardi, my new hero. The research driven lessons, habits and workouts were the one stop shop I was seeking out- low carb, low fat, healthy fat, so much noise in the nutrition space and very little of it backed up by proven results. Dr. John takes a not one fits all size approach and encourages program participants to experiment until they find what works for his or her OWN body, not labeling anything as good or bad. I have had a daily lesson, personal coach, written assignments. a workout regimen, outside reading, etc and it has been exactly what I hoped it would be.
The photo shoot is one of our assignments- to document the success that we have experienced throughout the program. Pounds and inches of fat gone but the greater reward is what has changed internally as I stripped the junk food from my body and saw my blood work aline to nearly ideal. PN and Dr. John have given me lessons that I will carry throughout my life as a leaner, healthier, more fit version of me and for that I am forever grateful to have found them! To find out more about PN, look for them on Facebook or online at!
Heather D
Lean Eating for Women, January 2013
Timothy Jones - November 23, 2013 - 7:40 pm

Inspiring story for those wanting to cut through all the garbage and get healthier.

Julie Whitehead - November 23, 2013 - 7:47 pm

Good job girl