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    Thank you for stopping by. I’m the owner of Kera Cervoni Photography and I want to create memories for you. I’m married with three children and live in the Fort Wayne area. I studied Nursing at Michigan State University. I picked up camera one day and never put it down. “ Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” – Matt Hardy


Keenan’s session was the perfect start to the class of 2018!  It was steamy hot, but this four year veteran Homestead Marching Band member scarcely noticed.  His sense of style shined through from bow tie to solar system socks.

Keenan is the section leader of the drum line, the center snare.  He also plays in the Anonymous Blue band accompanying the Show Choir.  In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing the piano and recently returned from a mission trip to Nicaragua.  He plans to attend Purdue next fall pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering.  Many Blessings Keenan!




DIY Enchanted Fairy Chair Photography Prop

I’m so in love with the woodsy enchanted garden look and I have a one year old baby session coming up.  A dance mom and crafter at heart, I decided to visit Finders Keepers, a local consignment shop.I found this chair. for $15.  It was dirty and needed some repair, but had a charm about it and it was on the smaller size which is perfect
Safety first.  It needs some loving care. I used wood glue and a clamp to secure the side arm for 24 hours.  Every other screw was tightened and the wood cleaned with Murphy’s Oil Soap.  I also used a sanding block to soften any rough edges.Next, the seat cover needs to be removed with a flat head screw driver.  It turned out that it had been recovered twice so I repeated the process of using the flat head screw driver to loosen the staples and the pliers to pull them out.
Re-purposing a retired sweater was the way to go to recover the seat, and kitty agrees.  You can always find a remnant fabric from your local craft store.  BTW,  I always have a lot of extra assistants!Using the chair as a pattern, I positioned the sweater and cut it out.  Leaving about a 2 inch border to fold over the back.  The sweater was too white for the theme.  Keeping it natural, I decided to seep it in tea.  Boil water and a couple tea bags over the stove, turn it off and seep until you reach the desired color.  I didn’t rinse, merely squeezed the excess water and dried laying it flat.Next, position your fabric how you wish on the seat.  I found it useful to mark the screw holes.  Then I used an electric heavy duty stapler to secure it to the seat.  You can use an ordinary heavy duty stapler.  I believe I used 3/8 in staples.  To make sure the fabric doesn’t fray, I trimmed the edges with Pinking Shears.  For all of my essential oil loving friends, I did spray the seat cushion with DoTerra On Guard, just in case.Then, with a little difficulty,  I reattached the seat with Gigi’s help.  Not much of an assistant, she’s easily distracted.  “Squirrel”!
Fun and many hours at Hobby Lobby!    Who can just run in and out?  I found flowers and moss for my chair during a half price sale and of course used my 40% off coupon!  Use a wire cutter and roughly arrange your flowers.  Take care not to leave sharp wires sticking out.Use a glue gun to attach your flowers.  I also stuck some moss for added texture.  I burned my finger a few times and still have a blister OUCH!!  The results were worth it!  I can’t wait for my one year old session!  I hope to use this chair over and over!  In Photoshop, I can change the color of the flowers if desired.  Good luck!
Now all we need is a precious baby girl, or maybe a senior girl, or a dancer…..

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Appreciate this post. Will try it out.


Anna is so fun and full of energy and beautiful freckles!  We had a rare spring evening (no rain!) if not a little windy.  Anna’s horse, Clue joined us for a few images.  I think I will have to carry my own stash of peppermints!  Who would have known they are a favorite treat for horses?

Anna is very active with her church as a middle school youth group leader.  She plans to attend Purdue in the Fall where she will begin the journey of a special ed teacher.  Anna will also be on the Purdue Equestrian Team!  Many Blessings to you Anna and to the Class of 2017!


Changing the Face of Beauty



What is beauty?  Our culture tells us it is perfection, youthful,thin….my heart believes we “are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:14 each of us created for a beautiful purpose.



They held a head shot clinic at the disAbilities Expo May 13th at the Coliseum for the first time and I was thrilled to volunteer.  So many smiles and giggles.  The kids had an opportunity to have their hair done and to be styled by Abby Miller with Matilda Jane Clothing

and jewelry by Alicia Lewis of The Noonday Collection.

It was such a joy to participate and Change the Face of Beauty!






This morning I’m writing from an open balcony, feeling a warm ocean breeze and watching the palm trees dance in Isla Verde.  It seems such a contrast to our session last week with cold blowing Midwest wind, except that Alexis brought the sunshine with her beautiful smile and warm heart.

Alexis is an avid runner and has several half marathons in the upcoming months.  She plays the piano, loves shopping, watching movies, eating and hanging out with friends.

Alexis is planning to go to IU next year to study neurosciences and human biology.  Many blessings Alexis!